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Rocket Launches and Secretary Problems

Secretaries and space rockets are both working horses. But there is more than this simple coincidence. Here is a link to a presentation, given in the AAS-AIAA-Space Flight Mechanics Meeting that took place in Napa, in February 2016.

Zugehörige Masterarbeit von Christian Pressel zum ...
Related Master Thesis by Christian Pressel for ...

Combinatorial Space Trajectories


KinderUni Jena: Bau-Wettbewerb

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Intelligent Robot Play: Frisbee Go and others


New Board Game: Galton-i
In November 2012, I had designed a new board game with both elements of tactics and chance. It is for two players and combines the classic "4 in a row" with a Galton box. More information and pictures are given at this site.

The Gibraltar Accident and CH Pairings

Der Unfall von Gibraltar und Paarungen im Schweizer System

More stuff soon ... mehr Material bald ... hiere

Game Tree Search

For download (pdf, about 10 MB): Doctoral Dissertation by Lars Schäfers (U Paderborn)
A very interesting piece of work in the field of Computer Go. Most of all I like Chapter 6, with the algorithmic work on detection of multiple Semeais. In the pdf these are the pages 113-132. Thanks to Lars for allowing me to host his thesis!

On the Laziness of Monte-Carlo game tree search in non-tight situations
Game Self-Play with Pure Monte-Carlo: The Basin Structure
Crazy Shadows in Monte Carlo Go histograms
Visualisations of candidate moves in game tree search

Games and Aesthetics

In English: Play beyond Zero Sums
Auf Deutsch: Spielen jenseits vom Gewinnen-Wollen

Modern Arts

Kleine Stricheleien

This war originally a "normal" shortest path diagram in the master thesis of Diana Peters. Imagination and coloring let it become a plan of the Abbeanum where most of the Mathematics courses in Jena take place.



Gallery I: The Black Holes of Mr. SPoGG
Gallery II: Black Frames
Gallery III (currently my personal favourite): Ghosts from Aurorae
Gallery IV (no fun): Jena - Ernst Abbe - Frank Stella - Fukushima - Chernobyl

Gallery V: Clayton Shonkviler's Random Polygons

3-Hirn-Verlag (Kleinverlag für Spiele, Bücher, Kunst)

3-Hirn-Stipendium für Wesley Turner Deutsch - English
3-Hirn-Stipendium für Nancy Kästner Deutsch - English
3-Hirn-Stipendium für Thomas Fischer Deutsch - English
3-Hirn-Stipendium für Jakob Erdmann Deutsch - English

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Lego(TM) Bricks and more

Alternating Plane Graphs and Anti-Platonic Bodies Update December 01, 2014

Transport-Optimierung: Tobleronien-Problem geknackt!

Reports on the Computer Olympiad 2011
In November 2011, the Computer Olympiad took place in Tilburg, NL. My group participated in two games: Clobber and EinStein würfelt nicht. Here are reports, including some pictures.
Clobber 2011: Pan or McJena?
(including some side information on Go and Bridge)
Pictures on EinStein

Palestine Chess Programmers Prize

Richard Lorentz in Jena during his sabbatical 2011

Game "DAWN 11/15" on the asteroid mission DAWN by NASA
Spiel "Seasons of the Sun" zum 11-Jahres-Zyklus der Sonnenflecken.
Rule and sample game in English.

Directed Panspermia and Titius-Bode. Speculation about a cross connection.

Long Night of Sciences, Jena 2013 (Text in English)
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Jena 2013 (Text auf Deutsch)

Long Night of Sciences, Jena 2011 (Text in Deutsch and English)
Long Night of Sciences, Jena 2009 (Text in Deutsch and English)
Long Night of Sciences, Jena 2007 (Text in Deutsch and English)

EinStein-Turnier in Jena 2005 (Text in Deutsch and English)
EWN Duel on Campus, 2005 (Text in English)

Jena 2008: Workshop Analysis, Design, and Programming of Games

A seminal paper "Monte Carlo Go" was written by the physicist Dr. Bernd Bruegmann in 1993. He was so kind to allow me to put his report on this web site.
Eine grundbrechende Arbeit "Monte Carlo Go" wurde 1993 vom Physiker Dr. Bernd Brügmann geschrieben. Freundlicherweise hat er mir erlaubt, seinen Bericht auf dieser Webseite einzuhängen.

Viele kleine Schritte - Das Spiel

Adolf Piltz - Das Musical - FSU Jena 2009
Fotobericht vom Musical Himmelweit

Shanghai 2008: Pictorial Report - Bildbericht

Vortragsfolien "Spiele und Mathematik", Chemnitz, Dezember 2008.

Primble: Primzahlen statt Worte - Primes instead of words