3-Hirn-Grant for
Thomas Fischer

The second 3-Hirn-Grant for a doctorate in the field "analysis of game scenarii and programming of combinatorial games" has been awarded to a man from theoretical physics.

Recipient was Thomas Fischer:
* born 1978 in Jena
* 1997 participant in the International Mathematics Olympiad in Argentina (bronze medal)
* Study of Physics at Jena University, Diploma
* Doctoral Dissertation successfully defended on April 06, 2011

Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fischer and his academic father, Ingo Althöfer

The doctoral project of Thomas Fischer, at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Ingo Althofer (FSU Jena, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science), was supported by a 3-Hirn-grant from April 2008 to March 2010. After that, Thomas Fischer was assistant at the chair until March 2011.

Title of the dissertation: "Exakte Analyse von Heuristiken für kombinatorische Spiele".

Dissertation (in German) of Thomas Fischer for Download (pdf, 2.5 MByte)

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