3-Hirn-Grant for
Nancy Kästner


Nancy Kästner is now Frau Kupfer.
The doctoral procedure was successfully completed in December 2013.
Title of the thesis is "On Selection Problems with Several Non-Perfect Experts".

pdf of the thesis (950 kB) can be downloaded from here.


The third 3-Hirn-Grant for a doctorate in the field "analysis of game scenarii and programming of combinatorial games" has been awarded to a woman.

Recipient is Nancy Kästner:
* born 1986 in Erfurt (Thuringia)

* Study of Business-Mathematics at Jena University, Diploma

Nancy Kästner

The doctoral project of Mrs. Kästner, at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Ingo Althofer (FSU Jena, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science) has started in June 2010.

Nancy Kästner is analysing discrete optimisation scenarii, where two or more imperfect "experts" together have to solve a problem.

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