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Board Game: Galtoni
Between 2007 and November 2012, I had designed a new board game with both elements of tactics and chance. It is for two players and combines the classic "4 in a row" with a Galton box. More information and pictures are given at this site.
In the near future, a noble version of Galtoni will be published be a reknown game company.

Intelligent Robot Play: Frisbee Go and others

Lego(TM) Bricks and more

Game "DAWN 11/15" on the asteroid mission DAWN by NASA
Spiel "Seasons of the Sun" zum 11-Jahres-Zyklus der Sonnenflecken.
Rule and sample game in English.

Primble: Primzahlen statt Worte - Primes instead of words

Reports on the Computer Olympiad 2011
In November 2011, the Computer Olympiad took place in Tilburg, NL. My group participated in two games: Clobber and EinStein würfelt nicht. Here are reports, including some pictures.
Clobber 2011: Pan or McJena?
(including some side information on Go and Bridge)
Pictures on EinStein

3-Hirn-Verlag (Kleinverlag für Spiele, Bücher, Kunst)

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