Math and Art 2013 / 2014
Closed Random Polygons

In early summer 2013, Clayton Shonkwiler was a guest in our Math Department at Jena Unversity. He gave a very nice in-depth talk on random polygons, and also demonstrated his software package for generating random polygons in three dimensions.

Here come some pictures produced by Clayton's program. When you look at them long enough you will see structures: perhaps the ones indicated by the subtitles, but maybe also others. Only your fantasy marks the bounds for possible interpretations.

01 Pipe Smoker with Glasses
Pfeifenraucher mit Brille

02 Smokers End
Das Ende des Rauchers

03 Praying Mantis

04 Fox Family

05 Sorting before the Jump
Sortieren vor dem Sprung

06 Terrible Fly-over Noise
Schlimmer Fluglärm

07 Trotting Pluto
Braver Hund

08 Struwwelpeter

09 Urmel in Action - Urmel is a central figure in a modern German fairy tale
Unser Urmeli ist voll dabei!

10 Trumpet Boy
Der junge Trompeter

11 Dancing on a Cow
Der auf der Kuh tanzt

12 An Experiment with Colors
Ein Experiment mit Farben

13 Fiddler Crab

14 One more try with colors.
Noch ein Versuch mit Farbe.

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