Prof. Richard Lorentz

Jena, April 2011, slightly updated in March 2019

Prof. Richard Lorentz (California State University) is the father of strong computer bots for several rather different games:

Invader for the game of Amazons.
Wanderer for the game of Havannah.
Another version of Wanderer for the game of Brakthrough.

Invader won several medals in the Computer Olympiads for Amazons: Bronze in 2001, 2002, Silver in 2003, 2005, Gold in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Wanderer got the Havannah Silver medal in the Computer Olympiad 2010, and Gold in the inofficial competition of 2009.

The Breakthrough-Wanderer won also Gold medals in the Computer Olympiads where it participated. On the internet server LittleGolem, Wanderer is the undisputed number 1 in the rating list (at least until March 2019).

All three bots, Invader and the Wanderers, contain Monte-Carlo elements.

In April 2011, Richard Lorentz (California State University at Northridge) took three weeks of his sabbatical to stay with my group at Jena University. It became a highlight for our students. Here are a few pictorial impressions, from his Amazons talk in the seminar.

Rules of Amazons I: Forward goes the arrow!
Observe the unique 7x6 Amazons board on the green board.

Rules of Amazons II: Finally it comes down somewhere.

The audience: following the arrow , to the right: Prof. Johannes Waldmann from Leipzig.

Details explained from inside of Invader

Aftermath in appartment: Richard and Johannes Waldmann (Havannah programmer, too) discussing Monte Carlo issues in light mode.

Dreaming of a wonderful Amazon

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