Spezielle Kunst
Special Arts

Ingo Althöfer

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Kleine Stricheleien

This war originally a "normal" shortest path diagram in the master thesis of Diana Peters. Imagination and coloring let it become a plan of the Abbeanum where most of the Mathematics courses in Jena take place.



Gallery I: The Black Holes of Mr. SPoGG
Gallery II: Black Frames
Gallery III (currently my personal favourite): Ghosts from Aurorae
Gallery IV (no fun): Jena - Ernst Abbe - Frank Stella - Fukushima - Chernobyl

Gallery V: Clayton Shonkviler's Random Polygons

Alternating Plane Graphs and Anti-Platonic Bodies Update December 01, 2014

Games and Aesthetics

In English: Play beyond Zero Sums
Auf Deutsch: Spielen jenseits vom Gewinnen-Wollen

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