Test of a Waterproof Camera
in a Washing Machine

Ingo Althöfer; August 16, 2014

A simple sponge will bolster the camera.

The sponge is carefully sliced with a kitchen knife. The slicing took about 10 minutes.

The cam is inserted.

It fits perfectly. Missing is still the aperture for the lens.

Ok, the hole is more quadratic than round.

No problem!

The first indoor test of the cam. I took the most gentle program of our washing machine.

Video mode was started, before the cam was enclosed in the washing drum. The door is interlocked - and water level is rising slowly.

First of all, the cam changes its perspective. Now, the lens is directed upwards.

This simple bedside lamp will illuminate the washing drum.

After about 11 minutes I stopped the washing procedure and pumped down the water. In the photo, the interior is already almost dry again.

So looked sponge and cam after the whole action.

The three videos below have wmv format.

Video Part 1
50 seconds; ca 8.6 MB.

Video Part 2
44 seconds; ca 4.6 MB.

Video Part 3
22 seconds; ca 2.0 MB.

In the machine, there were only the bolstered cam and three old ties. The movie part from the washing process itself (part 2) was sort of disappointing for me. One reason for this was that often the cam's perspective was with the lens downwards - showing only darkness.

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