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Rocket Launches and Secretary Problems

Secretaries and space rockets are both working horses. But there is more than this simple coincidence. Here is a link to a presentation, given in the AAS-AIAA-Space Flight Mechanics Meeting that took place in Napa, in February 2016.

Game Tree Search

For download (pdf, about 10 MB): Doctoral Dissertation by Lars Schäfers (U Paderborn)
A very interesting piece of work in the field of Computer Go. Most of all I like Chapter 6, with the algorithmic work on detection of multiple Semeais. In the pdf these are the pages 113-132. Thanks to Lars for allowing me to host his thesis!

On the Laziness of Monte-Carlo game tree search in non-tight situations
Game Self-Play with Pure Monte-Carlo: The Basin Structure
Crazy Shadows in Monte Carlo Go histograms
Visualisations of candidate moves in game tree search

Transport-Optimierung: Tobleronien-Problem geknackt!

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